Sustainable Built Environment Series

Sketch of Econormous

A concept of a sustainable hotel for Western Australia by Garry Baverstock

We introduce you to the first series of online courses in the Sustainable Built Environment Series:

This series of courses have been prepared to assist a range of people with an interest in helping to create a truly sustainable world through adaptation of the built environment. The following courses range from general public / consumer awareness to technical education for key decision makers and administrators. Basically, the courses are tailored towards design, engineering and project management professions. However, policy makers, executives, planners and government administrators will definitely get a more comprehensive level of insight into the practical applications of sustainability in relation to the built environment.

All courses are of value for general reading, for interest or achieving professional development  (PD) points (certification can be arranged upon request if needed) through to on-the-job online training and learning by completing the assignments. The assessments can be carried out as optional separate enrolments, as can the specific training programs related to the each main course (where applicable).

Upon application and subject to a nominated university approval the courses may result in credits for post-graduate programs (if undertaken and assessed as a competent standard in the opinion of the course provider).

Integration of energy efficiency, the use of passive solar principles and the application of low energy, solar and other renewable energy technologies is a common thread that runs through all these courses.  Achievement of ‘a balanced ecology with practical socio-economic benefits’, is the guiding principle of the environmental mission of Wise Earth Pty Ltd and a key overall objective for all of the solar-e courses posted on the website. Although all the courses have been mostly been prepared in Australia they are designed to be applicable to anywhere on the planet.

This section of the site is to be created and managed by our experts contracted to Wise Earth School. The actual persons involved and business arrangement is yet to be determined.

We are also extending an invitation to experts around the world who would like to partake in this endeavor. If you are interested in being a part of our Online Education structure, please contact us at

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