Open Learning Philosophy

As a matter of policy all Wise Earth Online School courses posted are intended to be an open learning experience. The built environment series has evolved from 40 years of experience the award-winning firm Ecotect-Architects and its founder Garry Baverstock AM. This firm has a program of internship for selected graduates and has involved with education and training as part of its professional mandate for a long time. The current courses are also available as electives upon request at Murdoch University on request as part of a master degree program.

The courses of study presented here on (Wise Earth Online School)  were originally prepared for the use of RISE (Research Institute for Sustainable Energy) in 2006. The copyright of all material remains with Garry Baverstock.

If students to the Sustainable Built Environment study units wish to submit material to up date, amend, edit, improve or simply submit a well-researched aspect of a topic to improve the course, then the administration will post up the material and acknowledge the source of the contribution if used. Well-founded comments will be taken seriously.

Prices charged are kept as low as possible to ensure maximum participation by built environment professionals and administrators around the globe. Wise Earth Pty Ltd reserves the right to review prices at anytime, pending economic viability of the initiative.

*** All information presented in this course is presented good faith, and subject to revision at any time (refer to the disclaimer on Wise Earth Online School and Wise Earth websites regarding the conditions of access and actual or implied liability for any material presented).