Training & Assessments

If you choose a course with no training included and have changed your mind, you can subscribe to the training materials for the specific courses here.

Climate Sensible Design

Training for Climate Sensible Design
Outline of (introductory) Training that may be required for the CSD course if the enrollee wants to complete the assignments and be assessed and possibly certified (Separate enrollment fee for this separate service) The potential student needs to check if this training is needed based on previous experience and competency. The Introduction module explains what is involved prior to deciding to enroll.

Assessment of Climate Sensible Design
To be applicable for those wanting to progressively do the exercises and assignments set within the various modules (Separate enrollment). Please contact course coordinator to ensure that your competency is high enough to have your work assessed prior to paying the fee.

List of Assignments for Climate Sensible Design
This list will give the student considering completing the assignments a clear idea of the work involved in gaining assessment and possible certification for all the modules presented as separate courses.

Briefing for Finalizing Assignments and LCA for Climate Sensible Design
Before attempting the final major assignment it is recommended that this module be studied (Separate course module with separate enrollment). A section on life cycle costing is included as part of this module. This is suitable mainly for those considering completing the list of assignments.

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Solar Architecture

Training for Solar Architecture
For who wish to enroll for training programs separately for Solar Architecture. This is suitable for those who are located in Australia generally, but Perth, Western Australia particularly.

Assessment of Solar Architecture
Garry Baverstock and his nominated architectural colleagues are availed for online tutoring and assessment of assignments and exercises. This will take time and email access to student and therefore an extra fee needs to be paid to attain this access.

List of Assignments for Solar Architecture
For those considering competing the assignments throughout the entire program perhaps unit by unit, this list will be useful in helping those deciding which separate course modules to complete stage by stage.

Briefing on Assignments and LCA for Solar Architecture
Life Cycle Costing is an emerging way of determining the the viability or better still making viability sustainable. this final course unit it is important for those wishing to complete the assignments either for their own interest or attain some form of accreditation such as points for PD or credits for further studies at a post graduate or certificate level.

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